Проверочная работа по английскому языку в 7 классе

Итоговый тест в 7 классе. 2 варианта с ответами.


1. Look at that boy! He …. fall off his bike.

A) is going to 
B) will
C) is

2. Give me …. my skateboard!

A) away
B) back
C) up

3. At the moment, I am … English.

A) studying
B) study
C) studied

4. I miss the ..... of the city!

A) peace and quiet
B) hustle and bustle
C) safe than sorry

5. Olivia …. a funny story and it was very successful

A) write
B) wrote
C) is writing

6. A …. is a serious story with a lot of emotion.

A) comedy
B) drama
C) science fiction

7. That`s the tree …. we used to climb when we were kids!

A) when
B) who
C) which

8. Johnny Depp is probably best-known for his …… in Pirates of the Caribbean.

A) plot
B) rating
C) role

9. Bob is very …. . He is an excellent racing car driver.

A) curious
B) daring
C) patient

10. The bus is leaving! Let’s run …. it!

A) on 
B) after
C) into

11. The bear …. the bread when Katie …. the tent!

A) ate, entered
B) was eating, was entering
C) was eating, entered

12. The eco-club members need our help, ….?

A) don’t they
B) do you
C) aren’t they

13. Tom was so …. about going to London.

A) excited
B) exciting
C) excite

14. My e-books device can …. up to 7000 books on it.

A) read
B) surf
C) store

15. If you ….dinner, I will wash the dishes.

A) cook
B) will cook
C) going to cook

16. My little sisters …. pizza all morning, and the kitchen is a mess!

A) has made
B) have made
C) have been making

17. Martin is …. than John.

A) youngest
B) younger
C) young

18. I …. clowns performing tricks!

A) have ever seen
B) have never seen
C) have yet seen

19. The government is trying to ….the pollution.

A) burn
B) emit
C) reduce

20. You …. take photos in the museum. It is not allowed!

A) mustn`t
B) must
C) should

21. Tom Holland is a (n) …. actor.

A) young, excellent, British
B) excellent, young, British
C) British, excellent, young

22. I think our test was very difficult, but Mike thinks it was as easy as ….

A) cake
B) beans
C) pie

23. This film is great, isn’t it?

A) Yes, I agree
B) I like the idea
C) Oh, no. Not that!

24. If you are thirsty, you may have a …. of cola or a glass of water.

A) jar
B) tin
C) can

25. Please, turn …. the TV. I’m trying to finish my essay.

A) into
B) off
C) in


1) a
2) b
3) a
4) b
5) b
6) b
7) c
8) c
9) b
10) a
11) c
12) a
13) a
14) c
15) a
16) c
17) b
18) b
19) c
20) a
21) b
22) c
23) a
24) c
25) b
30 декабря 2022
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